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1. Having no flaws; perfect. See Synonyms at perfect.
2. Not capable of sinning or not liable to sin.

[Latin impeccābilis : in-, not; see in-1 + peccāre, to sin; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

im·pec′ca·bil′i·ty n.
im·pec′ca·bly adv.
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Noun1.impeccability - the quality of being without an error or fault
correctness - the quality of conformity to social expectations
2.impeccability - the quality of being exempt from sin or incapable of sinning
righteousness - adhering to moral principles
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8221; titled “Ethics in Shamanic Practice: Hard Choices”, Pratt explores the common hard choices we face when we endeavor to practice the powerful art of shamanic healing with integrity and impeccability when we are desperate and afraid.
As many have persuasively argued over the last few weeks, it is Israel that singles itself out: through its claims to moral impeccability, its celebrated status as a democracy, through its receipt of massive support from the US and other nations, and through its abuse of the memory of the holocaust in order to deflect criticism and to discredit the Palestinian struggle -- on this point, we wish to express our solidarity with the more than 300 holocaust survivors and their descendants who have recently called on the world to take action to stop Israel's crimes against the Palestinians.
Tempted for Us: Theological Models and the Practical Relevance of Christ's Impeccability and Temptation.
They have truly proven themselves as a top competitor in the market because of the impeccability of their product as well as their top notch customer service.
A belief in "infallibilism," which confuses infallibility with impeccability, naturally follows.
To leave unexplained, or to de-emphasize, the difference between appearance and reality would be to become party to the facade of moral impeccability that officialdom was promoting.
I am looking for a candidate who can execute on what I call the ten essential leadership principles: Duty, Impeccability, Passion, Perseverance, Planning, Teamwork, Loyalty, Flexibility, Selfless Service and Integrity.
Trojcak agrees with Cornwell that Pope John Paul suffers from "creeping infallibilism," as well as "papal impeccability," both factors which help "mystify the papal office".
Even when royal personages, via the whims of Fortune, lose the accoutrements and habiliments of nobility, as in "Apolonius and Silla," they continue to exhibit the grace and moral impeccability of divinely appointed rulers.
While they may well be hollow, I imagine them as solid: Their materials are stuffs like wood, particle-board, and galvanized steel, and despite the oil paint and lithography and silk-screen inks that give them mimetic impeccability, they are taxonomically closest to sculpture.