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Adj.1.impellent - forcing forward or onward; impelling; "an impellent power"; "an impellent cause"
forceful - characterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical); "a forceful speaker"; "a forceful personality"; "forceful measures"; "a forceful plan for peace"
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trans propulsion (humane; veiculo motorizado, -portation' animal traction; fuel; movido por electricity; impellent combustivel, com power) [+ or -]number quatro rodas, usado of wheels (1; 2; 3; na locomocao por via, 4; or more than 4 para transporte wheels), +means of coletivo de displacement (rails, passageiros.
Operators are currently exploring is which requirements identified for 5G can be enabled by their networks and what they need to plan for but one thing is certain, the ambition to impellent 5G in the Middle east and GCC in specific has been set high.
Difficult to impellent the testing in dynamometer since the entire vehicle should be tested where the simulated force should be applied to each actuator.
It explores the ways that the internalized thin body impellent, normative within contemporary socio-culture, appears to operate within these post-traumatic defensive structures, as illustrated by the three cases.
The ministry contracted with JWT to impellent the promotional campaign for three years with a cost of $68m.