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1. One that impels, as a rotating device used to force a fluid in a desired direction under pressure.
2. A rotor or rotor blade.


1. (General Engineering) the vaned rotating disc of a centrifugal pump, compressor, etc
2. (General Engineering) a compressor or centrifugal pump having such an impeller


(ɪmˈpɛl ər)

1. one that impels.
2. a rotor for transmitting motion, as in a centrifugal pump, turbine, or fluid coupling.
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Noun1.impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)
vane, blade - flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
rotor - rotating mechanism consisting of an assembly of rotating airfoils; "there are horizontal rotors on a helicopter or compressor rotors in a jet engine"
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At the heart of each turbo- or supercharger is an impeller, a high-speed "fan" that compresses the air fed to the combustion section of the engine.
This article shows the failure analysis assisted with finite element modeling of a centrifugal fan impeller that was originally part of the burner of a 1175 kW [120 bhp] saturated steam boiler.
Efficient, high solids passage impeller and volute design, coupled to a high torque 4-pole motor (2, 3 and 5 hp).
One of the principle parameters to consider when choosing a pump is the generable head by the pump which is a function of different parameters such as impeller diameter, pump rotational speed, pump flow rate, blade output angle, and the number of blades [1].
The hydraulic section features an adjustment sleeve that is standard in the Minex-Matador range, and offers a way to easily readjust impeller suction-cover clearance to regain as-new performance after wear.
Being the component with the highest level of contact with transferred liquid, the material used in the impeller is a crucial factor as it is heavily affected by wear and erosion-corrosion.
Large centrifugal impeller compressors are commonplace throughout the petrochemical sector, where they usually operate on a continuous duty basis.
Most J-Series pumps can quickly be converted from High Volume to High Head (or vice-versa) by merely changing the impeller and the suction plate.
Since the impeller blades reside in an rotating frame, fluid particles in the boundary layer adjacent to their surfaces experience an outward centrifugal force, an effect which tends to result in thinner boundary layers compared to stationary, pressure-driven flow (see, for example, experimental results of Cobb and Saunders (1956) or theoretical analysis of Schlichting (1979)).
Power Machines OJSC has won a contract to manufacture and supply a hydro turbine impeller for the second hydropower unit of Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP in Kazakhstan, increasing capacity at the project by 10MW, the press service of the company said.