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1. One that impels, as a rotating device used to force a fluid in a desired direction under pressure.
2. A rotor or rotor blade.


1. (General Engineering) the vaned rotating disc of a centrifugal pump, compressor, etc
2. (General Engineering) a compressor or centrifugal pump having such an impeller


(ɪmˈpɛl ər)

1. one that impels.
2. a rotor for transmitting motion, as in a centrifugal pump, turbine, or fluid coupling.
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Noun1.impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)
vane, blade - flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
rotor - rotating mechanism consisting of an assembly of rotating airfoils; "there are horizontal rotors on a helicopter or compressor rotors in a jet engine"
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The fluid is assumed to enter the impeller wheel at radius [r.
The heart of the technology is adjustable guide blades, which can vary in angle to most effectively guide engine exhaust flow onto the turbocharger's impeller wheel.
Contained in the loading door are the impeller wheel and motor, impeller wheel housing, L[N.
A specially designed infeed chute and impeller wheel provide for the necessary prepositioning of the potatoes and guarantee maximum length french fries.
Tenders are invited for Impeller Wheel Suitable For Modified Ventilation Fan For Power Car With Ms Drive Hub Coupled With Drive Motor, Air Volume Rating 20000Cmh ,Speed Upto 4500Rpm, Dynamically Balanced As Per Iso Standard Point Synthetic Enamel Light Grey Without Motor