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1. One that impels, as a rotating device used to force a fluid in a desired direction under pressure.
2. A rotor or rotor blade.


1. (General Engineering) the vaned rotating disc of a centrifugal pump, compressor, etc
2. (General Engineering) a compressor or centrifugal pump having such an impeller


(ɪmˈpɛl ər)

1. one that impels.
2. a rotor for transmitting motion, as in a centrifugal pump, turbine, or fluid coupling.
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Noun1.impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)impeller - the blade of a rotor (as in the compressor of a jet engine)
vane, blade - flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
rotor - rotating mechanism consisting of an assembly of rotating airfoils; "there are horizontal rotors on a helicopter or compressor rotors in a jet engine"
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Revolving at a rate of 500 to 1,600 prm, centrifugal force directs the material from the impellor and casts it at speeds exceeding 300 fps against a stationary, abrasive resistant anvil.
The machines draw air in at the base through a mixed flow impellor - a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines.
The faster the flow, the faster the impellor spins and the more light is obstructed by the impellor.
The latest high-performance centrifugal chiller has three characteristics: a high-efficiency compressor (aerodynamic performance is improved by the impellor and static channel), high-efficiency heat exchangers and high-level arithmetic control.
Magnetic levitation is the application of passive and active magnetic fields to suspend and control a titanium impellor that gently sweeps the blood through the pump, augmenting the function of the patient's left ventricle.
As an alternative to the standard cone and shear plate configuration, Lee can now offer an impellor in place of the cone in the head assembly for additional pumping power.
A lance (wand), porous refractory (plug or tile) or rotary impellor is used to inject any of the followin sparge gases [individually or in combination]: nitrogen, argon and chlorine.
The four cylinder saildrive sits below the cabin floor but additional access is available by removing the lower front section which may hide the impellor, I think.