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In other words, a human machine, doing its duty impenetrably when it was once wound up.
Bennet as the carriage drove up to the door; her husband looked impenetrably grave; her daughters, alarmed, anxious, uneasy.
If a dog had been under one of the chairs, and had barked, Lady Montbarry could not have proceeded more impenetrably with the last words she had to say to Agnes.
The composite man stands by impenetrably silent; the sight of a disabled stranger fails entirely either to surprise or to interest the gardener-groom.
The place was a narrow passage between high walls of lava, a crack in the knotted rock, and on either side interwoven heaps of sea-mat, palm-fans, and reeds leaning against the rock formed rough and impenetrably dark dens.
Baggs impenetrably wrapped up in dignified sulkiness.
Was the secret thus far hidden impenetrably, hidden forever?
So anxiously looked forward to, charged with such consequences, its results so impenetrably hidden though so near.
Major Fitz-David still waited impenetrably to hear what I had to say--to know what I resolved on doing next.
He ate his lunch impenetrably, sitting opposite Flora de Barral, and then, on some excuse, closeted himself with the woman whom little Fyne's charity described (with a slight hesitation of speech however) as his "Aunt.
What vile object he has in view I cannot still discover, but be the design what it may, invariable politeness towards myself, invariable humility towards Laura, and invariable suppression (at any cost) of Sir Percival's clumsy violence, have been the means he has resolutely and impenetrably used to get to his end ever since he set foot in this house.
By contrast with the brilliancy outside, it seemed at first impenetrably dark to me.