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Not penitent; unrepentant.

im·pen′i·tence n.
im·pen′i·tent n.
im·pen′i·tent·ly adv.

impenitence, impenitency

lack of repentance or contrition for sins committed. — impenitent, n., adj.
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Noun1.impenitence - the trait of refusing to repent
bullheadedness, pigheadedness, self-will, stubbornness, obstinacy, obstinance - resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires


[ɪmˈpenɪtəns] Nimpenitencia f


nReuelosigkeit f
References in classic literature ?
I knew to whom the impenitence would appeal when he had heard the story, and I was not mistaken.
Although reviewers, critics and users were not impressed with Apple's impenitence, there is a theory behind not improving the megapixel count but tweaking the software advancements.
76r/ resolved, and presumptuous disobedience against his known Laws, impenitence after sins comitted; And (c) a loose and ungoverned habit (d) of thoughts & secret deliberate Motions of the will as being Under no Law, these and such of these are contrary to that Natural law given to Man that respects the Glorious God;
26) The response of the medieval public could turn violently against a criminal who proved unremorseful and obstinate in impenitence.
One breaks the vow of obedience only by impenitence, so "it is senseless for us who have professed this Rule to complain of impossibility; to pretend we cannot help but sin; that the just commands of religious superiors come not from God, but only from men, and may therefore be set aside" (13.