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1. Necessary or urgent: "It is imperative that we continue to move with speed to make housing more affordable" (Timothy Geithner). See Synonyms at urgent.
2. Expressing a command or plea; peremptory: requests that grew more and more imperative.
3. Grammar Of, relating to, or constituting the mood that expresses a command or request.
a. A rule, principle, or need that requires or compels certain action: "the internal tension in [military] doctrine, between the desire to prescribe a common way of fighting and the imperative of adjusting particular military actions to circumstances" (Eliot A. Cohen).
b. A command; an order.
2. Grammar
a. The imperative mood.
b. A verb form of the imperative mood.

[Middle English imperatif, relating to the imperative mood, from Old French, from Late Latin imperātīvus, from Latin imperātus, past participle of imperāre, to command; see emperor.]

im·per′a·tive·ly adv.
im·per′a·tive·ness n.
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Noun1.imperativeness - the state of demanding notice or attention; "the insistence of their hunger"; "the press of business matters"
urgency - the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity
2.imperativeness - the quality of being insistent; "he pressed his demand with considerable instancy"
urgency - pressing importance requiring speedy action; "the urgency of his need"
References in classic literature ?
At the same instant the trainer spoke with sharp imperativeness and raised his whip, while the men on the outside lifted their irons and advanced them intimidatingly into the cage.
But whatever blemishes others might discern in William, to his friend's mind he was faultless; for Marner had one of those impressible self-doubting natures which, at an inexperienced age, admire imperativeness and lean on contradiction.
In it was all the imperativeness of reproof and command and all the solicitous insistence of love.
She felt to the full all the imperativeness of the motives which urged Will's conduct.
Both had been troubled and roused, and they were drawing together with the sharpness and imperativeness of uniting elements.
The man's voice leaped to a higher pitch and was sharp with imperativeness.
His writings reflect his deep convictions on the desirability or imperativeness of engaging in critical interrogation of issues of public concern to enable effective policy making.
Instead, they passed the legislation out of the imperativeness of the coming election.
Once defined, we have come to realize that species as diverse as blue whales and whitebark pines meet these qualifications, adding even more imperativeness to their conservation.
19,18] The clinical value of these observations lies on the differences in their surgical management and expresses the imperativeness of step-wise diagnostic approach for dominant breast masses.
The two ministers concluded the talks with discussions on the Qatari crisis, both stressing the imperativeness of the Qatari regime to stop funding and supporting terrorism.
I think everybody sees the imperativeness of putting peace back or security back,' Sema said.