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 (ĭm′pə-rä′tôr′, -tər)
1. An army commander in the Roman Republic.
2. The supreme power of the Roman emperor.
3. The head of state and supreme commander in the Roman Empire, in whose name all victories were won.

[Latin imperātōr; see emperor.]

im·per′a·to′ri·al (ĭm-pĕr′ə-tôr′ē-əl) adj.
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Caesar Divi filius: his second imperatorial acclamation and the evolution of an allegedly "exorbitant" name.
In summary, Ming Tombs Reservoir has an image mixed with imperatorial mystery and revolutionary worship, combining natural scenery with human creation.
The 300 NGC certified coins in the auction include ancient specimens from the Roman Empire, the Roman Imperatorial, the Roman Republic, Ancient Greece and the Celtic region.