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(ˌɪm pərˈsɪp i ənt)

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Internal and external worlds remain stubbornly incongruent, and memory is inseparable from misconstrual and impercipience.
Ordinary experience is a riot of imprecision, of impressions enmeshed in pre-conceptions, clich6s, profanities, and impercipience.
His impercipience also includes the running joke of his failure to understand the poems title (11, 62, 63), and more damagingly his egotistical inability to see the importance and pathos of Hazel Shade, whose "dull" story has ousted "rarer and richer matters" from the poem (127-8).
Sometimes she emphasizes how much she was able to grasp intuitively, although elsewhere she stresses the discrepancy between what she has subsequently learnt and her earlier naivety, impercipience, or ignorance.
Thus Cohn's Jewishness, niceness, and impercipience are all gendered traits in Hemingway's representation, traits that suggest Cohn's lack of the very epistemological masculinity that distinguishes Jake among the characters in the novel.
The narrator's impercipience about the appropriateness of metaphors of masculine exploration to Gwendolen is an illustration of a well-known critical imbalance, of the way the novel leans towards the male protagonist, treating him with a generosity denied to the female.
If we understand and are sympathetic to Gareth's argument we can choose between sophistication and impercipience.