imperforate anus

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Noun1.imperforate anus - a congenital defect of the anus; there is partial or complete obstruction of the anal opening
anus - the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal
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Congenital anomalies occur in 18% of patients with HD and include malrotation, colonic atresia and imperforate anus.
Congenital rectovaginal fistula, imperforate anus, hypospadias and other anatomical variants of cloacal dysgenesis can also be associated with maldevelopment of the Mullerian and mesonephric duct derivatives.
The infant, who was born with imperforate anus in Purnia district, was left behind by his father at a private hospital in the state capital due to lack of any means to fund his treatment.
Some of his recent publications involve reducing the risk of osteoporotic fracture; changes in long luteal protocol in assisted reproductive technology practice; and creation of a neovagina by the Vecchietti procedure in a patient with corrected high imperforate anus.