imperial decree

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Noun1.imperial decree - a decree issued by a sovereign ruler
decree, fiat, edict, rescript, order - a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge); "a friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there"
ukase - an edict of the Russian tsar
pragmatic, pragmatic sanction - an imperial decree that becomes part of the fundamental law of the land
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Alexey Alexandrovitch was immediately interested in the subject, and began seriously defending the new imperial decree against Princess Betsy, who had attacked it.
Founded by a group of industrialists and financiers, the bank's very name illustrated their ambition: "Societe Generale pour favoriser le developpement du commerce et de l'industrie en France" (" Societe Generale to support the development of trade and industry in France "), as written into the Imperial decree signed by Napoleon III on 4 May 1864.
As the chunks of tablet repeat the text, the museum suspects the cylinder represented, not a typical Babylonian building inscription, but rather an imperial decree that was reproduced in multiple copies and distributed widely in the empire.
IN HIS HISTORICAL and political analysis of Vienna's Ringstrasse and the Ringstrasse zone from the Imperial Decree of 1857 down to its completion in the first decade of the 20th century, Carl Schorske drew attention to the fact that the removal of the earlier fortifications around the centre of the city and the construction of the Ringstrasse ostensibly opened up the city's connections to its suburbs.
In AD 379 there was an imperial decree, making sacrilege and heresy capital crimes.
Transylvania was one such territory; in 1692 the Uniate church was established there by imperial decree.
290BC and stood, in some form, until the end of the fourth century AD when the last remnants were destroyed by Imperial Decree.
The guidebook contains sample documents that include private letters to family and friends, as well as public documents on such topics as an imperial decree, a non-aggression treaty, a letter of safe passage, a declaration of property confiscation, a variety of rental, deed, mortgage, and loan contracts, certification of slave ownership, an ostracism announcement, inheritance, and divorce.