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Not permitted; not permissible: impermissible behavior.

im′per·mis′si·bil′i·ty n.
im′per·mis′si·bly adv.
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Adv.1.impermissibly - not permissibly; "the radon level in the basement was impermissibly high"
allowably, permissibly - in a permissible manner
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We believe the new test impermissibly exceeds our statutory authority.
I just felt the whole thing was being done to impermissibly close the area (and) stop the protest," Sorenson said.
Our position is clear -- President Obama's executive action is unconstitutional and impermissibly disrupts the separation of powers," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.
In its 2014 appeal, Chem-Solv raised four issues questioning the ALJ s determination that: (1) the company had impermissibly operated a hazardous waste storage tank regulated under RCRA; (2) a leaking chemical drum contained a solid waste rather than a useful product; (3) the company had failed to make required hazardous waste determinations for materials in the storage tank and for certain aerosol paint cans; and (4) whether the ALJ demonstrated bias against the Chem-Solv in the underlying decision.
Absent an actual causation requirement for all class members, Rule 23 is not being used to simply aggregate similar cases and controversies, but rather to impermissibly extend the judicial power of the United States into administering a private handout programme.
Extortionate demands for property in the land-use permitting context run afoul of the Takings Clause not because they take property but because they impermissibly burden the right not to have property taken without just compensation.
4th 564 (2011), the court phrased the question as follows: "May an insurer enforce an exclusion clause in a fire insurance policy that denies coverage to innocent insureds for damages from a fire intentionally caused by a co-insured, or does such a clause impermissibly reduce coverage that is statutorily mandated?
The Court unanimously concluded that the lack of prior notice rendered the FCC's standards impermissibly vague in these instances.
Forrest supported their claim, writing that the plaintiffs had a legitimate fear of detention and saying language in the NDAA was "overbroad, as well as impermissibly vague.
The defense also challenges the Trial Chamber's ruling on the court's selectivity, arguing that, "In the context of everything that has taken place in Lebanon over the past 40 years, the creation of a tribunal to prosecute a single incident is impermissibly selective.
In court, AU and the ACLU argued that the Forsyth Board of Commissioners was impermissibly favoring Christianity.
In the event that an arbitration agreement imposes limitations on an arbitrator's ability to award punitive damages, where such damages would otherwise be available under statute, courts may deem such limitations as impermissibly restricting the scope of an employee's statutory remedies.