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1. Lacking personality; not being a person: an impersonal force.
a. Showing no emotion or personality: an aloof, impersonal manner.
b. Having no personal reference or connection: an impersonal remark.
c. Not responsive to or expressive of human personalities: a large, impersonal corporation.
3. Grammar
a. Of, relating to, or being a verb that expresses the action of an unspecified subject, as in methinks, "it seems to me"; Latin pluit, "it rains"; or, with an expletive subject, it snowed.
b. Indefinite. Used of pronouns.

im·per′son·al′i·ty (-sə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
im·per′son·al·ly adv.
لا شَخْصِيَّه، موضوعِيَّه
kişisel olmama


[ɪmˌpɜːsəˈnælɪtɪ] Nimpersonalidad f



(imˈpəːsənl) adjective
1. not showing, or being affected by, personal feelings. His manner was formal and impersonal.
2. (of a verb) having a subject which does not refer to a person, thing etc. In the sentence `It snowed last night', `snowed' is an example of an impersonal verb.
imˈpersonally adverb
imˌpersoˈnality (-ˈna-) noun
References in classic literature ?
His eyes, expressive now of the usual masculine impersonality and authority, might reveal more subtle emotions under favorable circumstances, for they were large, and of a clear, brown color; they seemed unexpectedly to hesitate and speculate; but Katharine only looked at him to wonder whether his face would not have come nearer the standard of her dead heroes if it had been adorned with side-whiskers.
He liked the impersonality which it produced in her.
He was a great little creature, and through his intense personality he achieved a sort of impersonality, so that you loved the man, who was forever talking-of himself, for his modesty and reticence.
He could not help feeling that there were unreasoning and unreasonable activities going on in Alexander all the while; that even after dinner, when most men achieve a decent impersonality, Bartley had merely closed the door of the engine-room and come up for an airing.
It is a surprising and welcome one, too, given Stevens's preference for places over people, the centrality of abstraction and impersonality in his poetry, and his poetic efforts to resist the intelligence "almost" successfully.
This is also a book about poetry in general, and it reveals the way in which seemingly opposed features of poetry, such as intimacy and impersonality, can become a unified poetic project.
What's more, the relative impersonality of the email medium can detract from the personal nature of the request.
The Jacobsons rightly insist that what seems modern in Ruskin's photographic vision--its impersonality, its foregrounding of technique, its framing devices and fragmentary attention --developed out of the tradition of the painter's sketch or preparatory study.
It is by the paradox from absolute personality to impersonality that Ah Xian highlights desires and powers muzzling and obliterating of the personality and studies the relationships between the existence of the body and prevailing desires in the materialistic society.
In "Lecturing," Edward Nowacki suggests methods to overcome challenges posed by the impersonality of the lecture as a genre and by the specific difficulties of teaching the music history narrative.
Hence, the impersonality of data is transformed into something more meaningful.