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The latter, in spite of his imperturbability, grew pale.
The absolute imperturbability of the man who had once been his friend was disconcerting.
His countenance had resumed its habitual imperturbability.
Quasimodo had resumed, to all appearance, his first imperturbability.
I shock respectable sextons by the imperturbability I am able to assume before exciting inscriptions, and by my lack of enthusiasm for the local family history, while my ill-concealed anxiety to get outside wounds their feelings.
It was so evident that John's imperturbability was not assumed, but was the result of the late proceedings under his roof, that the man stayed his hand in the very act of striking him, and turned away.
Qatar's Response to the Blockade Qatar's diplomatic response has been a study in resilience, imperturbability and patience.
However, rage is obviously at odds with the nature of his prosecution job that requires impartiality, imperturbability and objectivity.
THE OTHER day, after the hearing on her trial for plunder at the Sandiganbayan, lawyer Jessica Lucila Gigi Reyes appeared to lose the control and imperturbability that had marked her demeanor ever since she was arrested and incarcerated for alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam.
I admire your imperturbability, but it is important that you realize that it is a terrible situation.
Gosling's wised-up imperturbability promises that he is more than meets the eye.
The immediate object is pleasurable sensations of a stable and modest kind and the ultimate object is ataraxia or tranquillity and imperturbability.