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Unshakably calm and collected: "His ... facial expression never deviated from the imperturbable mask" (Molly Worthen). See Synonyms at cool.

im′per·turb′a·bil′i·ty, im′per·turb′a·ble·ness n.
im′per·turb′a·bly adv.


[ˌɪmpəˈtɜːbəblɪ] advimperturbabilmente
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John had mused a few moments he recommenced as imperturbably and with as much acumen as ever.
As it pleases thee," replied the Queen imperturbably.
She looked at his two sisters, and saw them making signs of derision at each other, and at Darcy, who continued, however, imperturbably grave.
But then the Frenchman is a marquis, and the cleverer of the two," remarked Polina imperturbably.
She was monumentally stout and imperturbably serene.
He cooks eternally, imperturbably, suspended in the chaos of which the Master interprets the meaning.
All women speak the truth," said Blunt imperturbably.
I suppose it is that when we are happy the mind reverts instinctively to those with whom formerly we shared our exaltations and depressions, and je t'eu ai trop dit, dans le bon temps, mon gros Prosper, and you always listened to me too imperturbably, with your pipe in your mouth, your waistcoat unbuttoned, for me not to feel that I can count upon your sympathy to-day.
But I have heard that the crocuses promise well," continued my companion imperturbably.
Well, well, let us see how he gets on," said my friend, imperturbably.
Hard by, the aisle of the church called the d'Urberville Aisle looked on imperturbably.
Tulkinghorn, tapping his chin with the key and looking imperturbably at her, "how this matter stands.