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Unshakably calm and collected: "His ... facial expression never deviated from the imperturbable mask" (Molly Worthen). See Synonyms at cool.

im′per·turb′a·bil′i·ty, im′per·turb′a·ble·ness n.
im′per·turb′a·bly adv.


[ˌɪmpəˈtɜːbəblɪ] advimperturbabilmente
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He cooks eternally, imperturbably, suspended in the chaos of which the Master interprets the meaning.
I suppose it is that when we are happy the mind reverts instinctively to those with whom formerly we shared our exaltations and depressions, and je t'eu ai trop dit, dans le bon temps, mon gros Prosper, and you always listened to me too imperturbably, with your pipe in your mouth, your waistcoat unbuttoned, for me not to feel that I can count upon your sympathy to-day.
As to my personal or movable property, so called because it can be moved, as is so well explained by my learned friend the bishop of Vannes - " (D'Artagnan shuddered at the dismal remembrance attached to that name) - the procureur continued imperturbably - "they consist - "
He puffed imperturbably at his pipe for a time, but finally arose and began to look out at the window into the darkening chaos of back yards.
Hard by, the aisle of the church called the d'Urberville Aisle looked on imperturbably.
Ralph Conyers, however, his cigar in the corner of his mouth, smiled imperturbably.
Tudor lighted a fresh cigarette, while Sheldon sat on, imperturbably silent.
Or, rather," pursued my friend imperturbably, "there
Tulkinghorn, tapping his chin with the key and looking imperturbably at her, "how this matter stands.
Nevertheless, one man paced imperturbably back and forth in front of the tavern, gazing at it incessantly, and going no further from it than a pikernan from his sentry-box.
But Louis took and gave a spoke and gazed imperturbably into the binnacle.
Grewgious in the meantime sat upright, with no expression in his face, and a hard kind of imperturbably polite protest all over him: as though he would have said, in reply to some invitation to discourse; 'I couldn't originate the faintest approach to an observation on any subject whatever, I thank you.