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n. pl. im·pet·u·os·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being impetuous.
2. An impetuous act.


(ɪmˌpɛtʃ uˈɒs ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the quality or condition of being impetuous.
2. an impetuous action.
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Noun1.impetuosity - rash impulsiveness
impulsiveness - the trait of acting suddenly on impulse without reflection
إنْدِفاع، تَهَوُّر
bráîlæti; ákafi; skapofsi


[ɪmˌpetjʊˈɒsɪtɪ] N [of person, behaviour] → impulsividad f


[ɪmˌpɛtʃuˈɒsɪti] nimpétuosité f


(of action, person)Ungestüm nt; (of decision)Impulsivität f; (of attack)Stürmische(s) nt
(= impetuous behaviour)ungestümes Handeln


[ɪmˌpɛtʊˈɒsɪtɪ] nimpetuosità


(imˈpetjuəs) adjective
acting in a hasty manner and without thinking.
imˈpetuously adverb
imˌpetuˈosity (-ˈo-) noun
References in classic literature ?
With that he requested me to give his proposal my favourable consideration--saying that he would not like me to take such an important step unguardedly, since want of thought and impetuosity often spelt ruin to youthful inexperience, but that he hoped to receive an answer in the affirmative.
She had however another motive, beside her obedience, to accompany the old gentleman in the chase; for by her presence she hoped in some measure to restrain his impetuosity, and to prevent him from so frequently exposing his neck to the utmost hazard.
Here he took to gardening, planting, fishing, carpentering, and various other pursuits of a similar kind: all undertaken with his characteristic impetuosity.
He was a dark-browed, good-looking youngster of nineteen, greatly resembling his mother, but with ten times her impetuosity.
I acted on that hint, with the headlong impetuosity of a man who was in love.
Foremost among those leaving cards at the eminently aristocratic door before it is quite painted, are the Veneerings: out of breath, one might imagine, from the impetuosity of their rush to the eminently aristocratic steps.
And moreover she could not have spoken with a certain voice in the face of his impetuosity, because she did not have time to understand either the state of her feelings, or the precise nature of what she was doing.
Advancing, therefore, without much order, they had just crossed the brook with a part of their followers, when they were assailed in front, flank, and rear at once, with an impetuosity to which, in their confused and ill-prepared condition, it was impossible to offer effectual resistance.
That I grant," said Don Quixote, "but in this matter of aiding me against knights thou must put a restraint upon thy natural impetuosity.
Mademoiselle Hennequin uttered no more, but rushed from the room, with an impetuosity of manner and feeling that I have often had occasion to remark in young French women.
In fact, the unknown spoke with that impetuosity which is the principal character of English accentuation, even among men who speak the French language with the neatest purity.
Mad River, though deserving its name from the impetuosity of its current, was free from rapids and cascades, and flowed on in a single channel between gravel banks, often fringed with cotton- wood and dwarf willows in abundance.