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v. im·pinged, im·ping·ing, im·ping·es
a. To encroach on or limit something, such as a right: "powerful institutions of government that inhibited free enterprise and impinged on commercial—and by extension private—liberties" (Greg Critser).
b. Usage Problem To have an effect or influence: "Any consequence of a change in alleles ... is fair game for natural selection, so long as it impinges on the survival of the responsible allele, relative to its rivals" (Richard Dawkins).
a. To collide or strike against something: Sound waves impinge on the eardrum.
b. To advance over or press upon something: pain caused by a bone impinging upon a nerve.
To encroach upon; limit: "One of a democratic government's continuing challenges is finding a way to protect ... secrets without impinging the liberties that democracy exists to protect" (Christian Science Monitor).

[Latin impingere : in-, against; see in-2 + pangere, to fasten; see pag- in Indo-European roots.]

im·pinge′ment n.
im·ping′er n.
Usage Note: The use of impinge meaning "to encroach; trespass," as in Americans dislike any policy that impinges on their liberty, is well established as standard. However, when impinge is used more loosely to mean "to have an effect" the Usage Panel is split. In our 2001 survey, only 47 percent of the Panel found the following sentence to be acceptable: What the recovered diary revealed about the villagers directly impinged on the lives of people living there many years later.
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Noun1.impinging - the physical coming together of two or more thingsimpinging - the physical coming together of two or more things; "contact with the pier scraped paint from the hull"
happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - an event that happens
collision, hit - (physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together; "the collision of the particles resulted in an exchange of energy and a change of direction"
interlocking, meshing, mesh, engagement - contact by fitting together; "the engagement of the clutch"; "the meshing of gears"
flick - a light sharp contact (usually with something flexible); "he gave it a flick with his finger"; "he felt the flick of a whip"
impact - the striking of one body against another
touch, touching - the event of something coming in contact with the body; "he longed for the touch of her hand"; "the cooling touch of the night air"
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Henson's scheme (which at first was considered very feasible even by men of science,) was founded upon the principle of an inclined plane, started from an eminence by an extrinsic force, applied and continued by the revolution of impinging vanes, in form and number resembling the vanes of a windmill.
It was as though, somewhere, a piano were playing and the actual notes were impinging on his ear-drums.
This phenomenon has affects on the prediction of the noise level caused by valve impinging.
Impinging jets are widely used in industrial applications, as they have the highest heat and mass transfer rates in the impingement region.
An impingement array is comprised of a jet plate typically having holes which produces the impinging jets.
Ni coatings were produced on copper substrates by using impinging electrolyte jet in Watt Bath at constant temeprature.
In this situation, the impinging jet draws more and more attention as a very potential alternative because of its much better heat transfer effect than the previous methods.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Researchers increased up to four times the efficiency of the industrial pollutants' elimination with the help of an impinging stream nano-photocatalytic process.
What on earth does he think the move is all about, other than impinging on fiscal sovereignty?
Other industrial uses of impinging air jets include tempering of glass, annealing of metal and plastic sheets, drying of paper and textiles and cooling of turbine blades.
Phenomenal views attract tourists here from all over the world, but the net effect of visitor enthusiasm is an often overwhelming number of cars, buses and people, impinging not so lightly on a precious, pristine wilderness.
Also included is a scatter detector with a plurality of radiation detectors responsive to impinging radiation intensity to provide a signal representative of impinging radiation intensity.