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Difficult to believe; not plausible.

im·plau′si·bil′i·ty n.
im·plau′si·bly adv.
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Noun1.implausibility - the quality of provoking disbelief
incredibility, incredibleness - the quality of being incredible
plausibility, plausibleness - apparent validity


nmangelnde Plausibilität f; (of story, tale, excuse also)Unglaubhaftigkeit f, → Unglaubwürdigkeit f; (of lie)Ungeschicktheit f
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To illustrate the implausibility of this testimony, the defense attorney, Earl Rogers, pulled a Colt .
But the vengeful father has forgotten to load the gun - surely a major implausibility after five years of simmering hatred - or the film would be over in 10 minutes.
The members of the Goncourt committee repaid the indulgence of the author and his hero in kind with indulgence for this implausibility.
Despite the implausibility of Gregg's explanations, the Senate, eager to move past the Iran-contra unpleasantness, approved his nomination last September.
In fact, among the Fortune 500 executives surveyed, half are in denial and don't expect their industry growth rate to slow or decline, and only 10 percent believe that if a downturn hits, their performance will fall below the industry average - a mathematical implausibility.
And balls to the space-alien writers for breaking new ground in implausibility.
Mr Jones' failure to rule out a deal with the Conservatives, despite the implausibility of such an outcome, was also unwise - a point he belatedly seemed to recognise himself when he said it would be "inconceivable" an hour after polling stations closed.
As the body count rises via gun, kitchen knife, garden fork and flamethrower, the denouement veers wildly towards implausibility to deliver an almighty bang, but it does neatly set up a potential sequel.
But the implausibility of the latter can't be allowed to dictate that we should add to our alcohol problems a new free-for-all in drugs, with drugs companies marketing the latest Acid and Es (maybe supermarkets could have their "own brand").
The play never rises above the fundamental implausibility and, I have to say, essential grubbiness of this idea.
Quiz 4 answers 1, The base of the spine, 2, An implausibility, 3.
Levy doesn't play fair: coincidence and chance nudge the film increasingly towards implausibility like Howard shadowing a police chase with his camera in order to feed us a red herring.