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tr.v. im·plead·ed, im·plead·ing, im·pleads
To sue (a third party) in a lawsuit that has already been commenced as a defendant who may be liable for the claim that is the subject of the suit.

[Middle English empleden, from Anglo-Norman empleder, variant of Old French emplaider : en-, intensive pref. (from Latin in-; see in-2) + plaidier, to plead; see plead.]


vb (tr)
1. (Law)
a. to sue or prosecute
b. to bring an action against
2. (Law) to accuse
[C13: from Anglo-French empleder; see im-, plead]
imˈpleadable adj
imˈpleader n



v.t. -plead•ed -plead (-ˈplɛd)
or -pled, -plead•ing.
to sue in a court of law.
[1250–1300; Middle English empleden < Anglo-French empleder. See im-1, plead]
im•plead′a•ble, adj.
im•plead′er, n.


Past participle: impleaded
Gerund: impleading

I implead
you implead
he/she/it impleads
we implead
you implead
they implead
I impleaded
you impleaded
he/she/it impleaded
we impleaded
you impleaded
they impleaded
Present Continuous
I am impleading
you are impleading
he/she/it is impleading
we are impleading
you are impleading
they are impleading
Present Perfect
I have impleaded
you have impleaded
he/she/it has impleaded
we have impleaded
you have impleaded
they have impleaded
Past Continuous
I was impleading
you were impleading
he/she/it was impleading
we were impleading
you were impleading
they were impleading
Past Perfect
I had impleaded
you had impleaded
he/she/it had impleaded
we had impleaded
you had impleaded
they had impleaded
I will implead
you will implead
he/she/it will implead
we will implead
you will implead
they will implead
Future Perfect
I will have impleaded
you will have impleaded
he/she/it will have impleaded
we will have impleaded
you will have impleaded
they will have impleaded
Future Continuous
I will be impleading
you will be impleading
he/she/it will be impleading
we will be impleading
you will be impleading
they will be impleading
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been impleading
you have been impleading
he/she/it has been impleading
we have been impleading
you have been impleading
they have been impleading
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been impleading
you will have been impleading
he/she/it will have been impleading
we will have been impleading
you will have been impleading
they will have been impleading
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been impleading
you had been impleading
he/she/it had been impleading
we had been impleading
you had been impleading
they had been impleading
I would implead
you would implead
he/she/it would implead
we would implead
you would implead
they would implead
Past Conditional
I would have impleaded
you would have impleaded
he/she/it would have impleaded
we would have impleaded
you would have impleaded
they would have impleaded
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Impleading Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and federal government, the petitioner stated that players involved in defaming the country should not be allowed to play, claiming that "some corrupt officials want him to play again to pave way for their corruption.
Earlier order of the division bench had evoked sharp criticism from various quarters that it had passed the orders without issuing notices to the affected parties and impleading the state government or the National Commission for Minorities.
Though the court had earlier issued notice on the petition to only five states, it stressed that it would consider impleading other states subsequently.
Justice Nasir Saeed Shiekh was hearing the matter which was fixed as an objection case after registrar office put objection on impleading the president as a party in the plea.
The Murky Procedure for Impleading and Stating Claims Against Third Parties in Proceedings Supplementary --Logically, most proceedings supplementary will involve actions against an impleaded third party, because if the judgment debtor held the assets in his or her own name, then the judgment creditor would simply proceed with levy.
The investigating agency invited the apex court's criticism, when it said it was intimated about its impleading in the case in November 2010.
Supreme Court upheld the forum non conveniens dismissal because many crucial witnesses are located beyond the reach of compulsory process, and thus are difficult to identify or interview," based on potential problems with impleading, and based on the district court's lack of familiarity with Scottish law.
McDonald, purported, in October 1870, to suspend O'Keeffe for impleading his bishop.
To indicate the nature of the evidence in detail, an entry in the portmote rolls of Westminster Abbey for its part of the town of Pershore (Worcestershire) tells us that in December 1329 Thomas de Crowle of Worcester was impleading Alexander de Stannford of Pershore for debt.
The petitions were filed by Gulshan Spinning Mills, Rupali Polyester, various domestic consumers and others impleading WAPDA, NEPRA, and others.
The MQM on Monday, through its leader Dr Farooq Sattar, activist Fahad Aziz and his father filed a petition, impleading interior secretary, home secretary, director general rangers, IG Sindh and additional IG Shahid Hayat, SSP East and SHO Shahrah-e-Faisal police station as respondents.
The MQM moved the petition through its Joint In charge of Punjab Committee, Syed Shaheen Anwar Gillani impleading Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), chief secretary Punjab, secretary home department, inspector general of police Punjab, ministry of Interior and others.