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1. A tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment used in doing work: a gardening implement.
2. An article used to outfit or equip someone: ecclesiastical implements.
3. A means of achieving an end; an instrument or agent.
tr.v. (-mĕnt′) im·ple·ment·ed, im·ple·ment·ing, im·ple·ments
1. To put into practical effect; carry out: implement the new procedures.
2. To supply with implements.

[Middle English, supplementary payment, from Old French emplement, act of filling, from Late Latin implēmentum, from Latin implēre, to fill up : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + plēre, to fill; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

im′ple·men·ta′tion (-mən-tā′shən, -mĕn-) n.
im′ple·ment′er, im′ple·men′tor n.
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Adj.1.implemented - forced or compelled or put in force; "a life of enforced inactivity"; "enforced obedience"
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The survey of 101 network engineers, IT managers and CIOs found that 68 percent have implemented or will implement VoIP in the next 12 months; 40 percent have implemented MPLS or will implement the technology in the next 12 months; 50 percent have implemented or plan to implement a WAN optimization technology in the next 12 months; and 58 percent indicated that application and network latency is the most relevant information to them when reporting on WAN optimization improvements.
Two different approaches to recycling were evaluated and implemented based on construction project size.
Similarly, the United States and Japan have implemented a revised tax treaty exempting most interest payments and certain intercompany dividends from withholding taxes, and the United States has implemented a nil withholding rate for specified intercompany dividends under its protocols with Australia and Mexico and reached agreement with the Netherlands to exempt certain intercompany dividends from withholding taxes following approval and implementation of the revised treaty.
Despite the benefits, cooperative learning is not implemented by a significant number of schools due to traditional paradigms existing within educational systems.
Nonetheless, Army leadership still recognizes that 1) this is the first time the Army has implemented such a large scale program, 2) the program was rapidly put together in one year, and 3) this is the Army's first experience employing the LSI concept (Source #1, 2005).
According to a new study by PinnacleOne, a majority (60%) of public owners in the United States have implemented construction projects with energy efficiency designs in the past year.
Because pointer-based snapshots require such a small amount of additional space, they can be implemented cost effectively.
Controlling the Assault of N on-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003 and the Electronic Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication implemented (with country-specific variations) in the 25 European Union (EU) countries--has cast a wide net of compliance over the use of e-mail for commercial purposes.
has announced that Nielsen Media Research has implemented EMC networked storage and open software to deliver dramatic price/performance gains.
DSP functions used in communications subsystems such a FEC 32-channel Viterbi decoder core can now be implemented in a Spartan-3 FPGA (XC3S1000) for an effective price of $0.
121, which require a customer identification program to be implemented as part of the BSA compliance program required under this section.

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