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1. The act of implicating or the condition of being implicated.
2. The act of implying or the condition of being implied.
3. Something that is implied, especially:
a. An indirect indication; a suggestion.
b. An implied meaning; implicit significance.
c. An inference. See Usage Note at infer.

im′pli·ca′tive adj.
im′pli·ca′tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.implicative - tending to suggest or imply; "artifacts suggestive of an ancient society"; "an implicative statement"
connotative - having the power of implying or suggesting something in addition to what is explicit
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Every implicative filter satisfying (y [right arrow] x) [right arrow] x [member of] F implies (x [right arrow] y) [right arrow] y [member of] F for all x, y [member of] A of a BL-algebra A is a positive implicative filter.
While such implicative prose, in conjunction with the aforementioned use of foreshadowing and suggestive imagery, may go some way toward explaining the affective force of In the Cut, it does not fully account for what critics identified as the book's uncommon facility for unsettling and discomforting readers.
So the aforementioned ruling that considered void the Islamist-dominated parliament a couple of days before the start of the presidential run-off where the old regime and the Muslim Brothers are struggling to take the lead must be implicative.
Two (albeit mutually implicative approaches) come to mind: action and awareness.
Official denial often follows a clear course: from a strategy of literal denial (no such thing has happened), through interpretative denial (something completely different happened), to implicative denial (the occurrence is justified).
3) F is said to be a positive implicative filter of L, if it satisfies (F1) and (F4).
Our experience suggest that surgeons be highly alert to the rare fulminant presentations attributable to A hydrophila infection and prompt surgical measures be performed to aid in early recognition of the disease in the absence of an implicative history.
In other words, the surreptitious presence of magical music performances implicative of feminine passion and delicate fingers emblematic of female charm, encroaching upon the stability of "subtle meaning," makes Goh's rendering an exciting choice.
As a media practice, we understand the tapes themselves to function as mutually implicative communications that embed historical architectonic information in a contemporary time-based medium.
The recollection-that preserves markers of time and place as well as affective indexicals associated with inflexions of mood, attitude, intellectual temperament, and what might be called the chromatography of an event--its textures, its implicative range, its cognate associations, its synchronic and diachronic significance.
A sentence like the one in (1) is to be embedded in the interpreter's current information state, converting the double implicative structure into a (one-level) collection of conjunctions partly due to the successful anchoring of referents [r.