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A stop consonant pronounced with the breath drawn in.

im·plo′sive adj.


(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced by or with implosion
(Phonetics & Phonology) an implosive consonant
imˈplosively adv
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Derek explained how he had come to see the initially put upon Claudius as a stammerer, barely able to get his words out until "this implosive thing".
With a batting line-up that appears well and truly explosive, it has proved to be implosive more often than not.
That crash course from Khan proved to be implosive.
Tenders are invited for provide services to receive from manufacturer (or otherwise purchase), store, transport and detonate high tension implosive sleeves.
It threatened to defund the Department of State if the US didn't move its embassy to Jerusalem, but, at the same time, allowed the president to sign a waiver every six months to avoid making such a drastic and implosive decision.
It was one thing to propose an implosive scheme for detonating the nuclear charge of an atomic bomb (yes, this was then certainly a revolutionary step in the field of atomic science and technology), and it is another thing to implement it practically.
But what happens when these principles of entitlement are challenged, or simply become redundant --when networks of collective self-reliance become hollowed out by the process of de-industrialisation and can no longer withstand the implosive pressure of neoliberal individualism?
52)--are a manifestation of microphysical violence which is implicit and implosive, and therefore less visible.
But there are times when nations, propelled by rampant populism and venomous nationalism, much as that we see in Europe at this time, develop implosive impulses towards self-destruction.
And while his recent films--The Tree Of Life, To The Wonder and now Knight Of Cups, are about as diametrically opposite to the multiplex action delirium many see as the hallmark of the American Hollywood Movie, Malick seems focused lately on the implosive nature of the American spirit, the reductive essence inherent in its lived nature.
Britain introduced the direct rule in March 1972 upon this implosive situation which hardened even more the nationalist-unionist cleavage structure.