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A stop consonant pronounced with the breath drawn in.

im·plo′sive adj.


(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced by or with implosion
(Phonetics & Phonology) an implosive consonant
imˈplosively adv
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In religion, the implosive forces of Jansenism (moral rigorism) and Gallicanism (nationalism) had infiltrated nearly every corner of Church administration in France, while agnostic fatalism was the prevailing social theory.
18) What could a reader possibly "take away" from such an implosive encounter?
About acting, I learn from Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino," he says, first shrinking himself to Hoffman scale, insular and implosive, then exploding with the jitter of arms and shuffling feet that is Pacino.
Rutherford's (and the reader's) implosive experience is reflected, redeemed, and re-doubled by Johnson's textual prestidigitation.
Since the /d/ is implosive, however, it is more accurately written as 'Ngadha'.
Given the implosive obsession of the historical profession to spend so much time and energy analysing the lives of such a relatively few people, it is amazing how much work scholars publish that manages to add significantly to our knowledge of the New England colonies.
The company's technology exploits and controls hydrodynamic cavitation, formation, growth, and implosive collapse of vapor bubbles in a liquid created by fluid pressure changes.
Yes, the Delhi opener's implosive nature has often harmed his cause, while a lean patch with the bat made his case weaker and the selectors had to dump the once feared Virender Sehwag-Gambhir combination.
Yet here is precisely where an undisciplined celebration (or condemnation) of implosive artistic synthesis must be checked, for it is at the point of complete indistinction that productive implementations of media slide into reproductive spectacle.
They include using uranium deuteride to produce a short burst of neutrons (the only use for which is to initiate the chain reaction in a fission bomb), producing uranium metal and shaping it into nuclear-sized components (useful only for making the metal core of a fission bomb), using special detonators to produce an implosive spherical shock wave (needed to compress the core before setting off the chain reaction in a fission bomb), and testing high voltage firing equipment to insure that it can fire detonators over long distances (needed for nuclear weapon testing).
VARIETY - "Evan Ross impresses with an implosive performance as Tariq Mahdi.
Effects of expectancy on the outcome of systematic desensitization and implosive treatments for analogue anxiety.