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This alone demonstrates the impolicy of inserting a fundamental provision in the Constitution which would make the State systems a standard for the national government in the article under consideration, and the danger of encumbering the government with any constitutional provisions the propriety of which is not indisputable.
To say nothing of the needless severity of this act, its impolicy was glaringly obvious.
Katt, the Court explained that "a state cannot 'refuse to enforce [a] right arising from the law of the United States because of conceptions of impolicy or want of wisdom on the part of Congress.
There are many reasons which suggest the inexpediency and the impolicy of creating a class of vessels for which no one is in any way responsible.
Appleton, 1838); and An Appeal to the Christian Public, on the Evil and Impolicy of the Church Engaging in Merchandise: and Setting Forth the Wrong Done to Boksellers and the Extravagance, Inutility, and Evil-working, of Charity Publication Societies (Philadelphia: King 8,: Baird, 1849).
129) A state court cannot refuse to enforce a right arising from federal law because of "conceptions of impolicy or want of wisdom on the part of Congress in having called into play its lawful powers.