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 (ĭm-pôrt′, ĭm′pôrt′)
tr.v. im·port·ed, im·port·ing, im·ports
1. To bring or carry in from an outside source, especially to bring in (goods or materials) from a foreign country for trade or sale.
2. Computers To receive (data) into one program from another.
a. To carry or hold the meaning of; signify: had trouble understanding what the strange word imported.
b. To express or make known: the news imported by their letter.
c. To betoken or indicate: a high inflation rate importing hard times for the consumer.
n. (ĭm′pôrt′)
1. Something imported: levied a tax on imports from overseas.
2. The act or occupation of importing goods or materials.
3. Meaning; signification: The import of his statement is ambiguous.
4. Importance; significance: a legal decision of far-reaching import. See Synonyms at importance.

[Middle English importen, to convey a meaning, from Medieval Latin importāre and from Old French importer, to cause, both from Latin importāre, to carry in, cause : in-, in; see in-2 + portāre, to carry; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

im·port′a·bil′i·ty n.
im·port′a·ble adj.
im·port′er n.


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It is clearly mentioned that medicines importable under this SRO are exclusively for the hospitals/institutions and cannot be sold in the market.
He said that the import of highly dangerous chemical, Acetic Anhydride, was severely restricted and it was importable only by authorised/registered industrial consumers.
Traders pointed out that RD on such items added to the cost of production of importable and exportable products which are already losing ground in international markets because of their un-competitiveness.
In 2013 the decision was final: No more polar bears would be importable into the United States.
Sources at Industries and Production Division have said under new trade policy (2015-18) maximum three years old cars are importable.
He said that around 49,348 used cars were imported in the country in last fiscal year 2015-16, adding that under the trade policy 2015-18 maximum three years old cars are importable.
B2BGateway is ranked based on the Warehouse Support System (WSS), which combines the best of Web based EDI and fully integrated EDI gives organizations importable Purchase Orders and Printable Pick Tickets in their warehouse.
But instead, it came up with a weird list of 227 items, leaving anything not on the list as importable.
Fish and Wildlife does not (polar bear trophies, though legally taken, are not importable to the U.
Another trend we see increasing is recruitment across African borders, partly eased by a more connected African polity, and partly spurred by the presence of increasing numbers of qualified, senior and importable African talent on the continent.
the growth model in the emerging European economies, based on excessive external debt and insufficient allocation of resources geared towards exportable and importable goods and services, is vulnerable.