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Noun1.impregnability - having the strength to withstand attack
safety - the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions; "insure the safety of the children"; "the reciprocal of safety is risk"
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She has the strength and impregnability of a diplodocus.
The absolute serenity of his manner bespoke an impregnability of purpose before which the words died away on her lips.
The path we have chosen to take is different because current standard and experimental approaches are failing to address the causes of cancer recurrence: the impregnability of the cancer stem cell and the ability of a cancer to survive by continuing to mutate and produce means of beating new therapies.
So deeply did the iniquities of the ancient system impress themselves upon the minds of the American colonists that the States, with one accord, made a denial of the right to question an accused person a part of their fundamental law, so that a maxim, which in England was a mere rule of evidence, became clothed in this country with the impregnability of a constitutional enactment.
The influence of wood structure, as for its permeability and impregnability, has been summarized in the works of Siau [19, 20], Hansmann et al.
Just moments after elaborating at length on the Quran's prohibition of nuclear weapons, an interlocutor would declare that the underground Fordow nuclear facility's impregnability to airstrikes must be central to any deal.
Yet not for him the veneer of impregnability some choose to adopt in such situations.
Chelsea are no longer the team that once travelled anywhere with impregnability drilled into its essence, even if substitute Eden Hazard galvanised the Blues.
September 11 shattered American delusions of impregnability, the failure to impose swift, secure and peaceful settlements in Afghanistan and Iraq revealed military and diplomatic weakness, and the financial crisis, spiralling debt and subsequent recession have exposed economic frailties.
Drilling off the south-east coast of Brazil, the sheer depth and perceived impregnability of the terrain have made exploration a real challenge.
It is easy to see why for there is a - misplaced - sense of impregnability about Masada.
BRADLEY WIGGINS has an air of impregnability as the Tour de France enters the high mountains of the Alps and this could be the battleground where his chief lieutenant Chris Froome adds the polka-dot jersey to the Sky collection.