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1. Readily or easily influenced; suggestible: impressionable youths.
2. Capable of receiving an impression: impressionable plaster.

im·pres′sion·a·bil′i·ty n.
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Perhaps what most appealed to the prince's impressionability was the refinement of the old man's courtesy towards him.
15] Women's supposed impressionability, in turn, serves as an explanation for why women are "naturally" less constant than men.
It's evident Omarion is a great singer, but because of his age, his impressionability and lack of independence and personal clout, he is lacking the maturity to make real music with integrity.
Indeed, the entire collection is a testament to the impressionability, resiliency, perceptiveness, and seriousness of youth and particularly of two young Irishmen at a specific moment in time.
Mitigating the Impressionability of the Incorporeal Mind.
The impressionability of the mind and the pellicular thinness of the separation between bodies underwrites an ethics of social relation markedly different than Burton's, even if modeled on the same physics.
the English sought out the constancy associated with blackness and the wariness of Italianate inwardness in their effort to counter those qualities of their natural complexion that were construed as excessively effeminate: impressionability, inconstancy, naivete.
Something to do with boyhood impressionability I guess.
Anyone who saw the magnificent Brass Eye television lambasting of the impressionability and pomposity of campaigners, both fervent and floating, would have been left in no doubt as to the nature of the problem we face.
The coercive effect of this policy is particularly pronounced in the school setting given the age and impressionability of schoolchildren, and their understanding that they are required to adhere to the norms set by their school, their teacher and their fellow students.
Their zest for life, impressionability, and the daily rewards and challenges were both exhilarating and exhausting.
From the 9th Circuit Court ruling: "Given the age and impressionability of schoolchildren .