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1. The act or policy of seizing persons and compelling them to serve in the military, especially in naval forces.
2. The act or policy of seizing property for public use, especially for military purposes.
3. The act of imposing a constructive trust or a lien upon property, as a matter of equity, to protect a person without legal title but with a legally recognized interest.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the commandeering or conscription of things or men into government service


(ɪmˈprɛs mənt)

the act of impressing people or property into public service or use.
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Noun1.impressment - the act of coercing someone into government service
seizure - the taking possession of something by legal process
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I fancied she was jealous even of the saucepan on it; and I have reason to know that she took its impressment into the service of boiling my egg and broiling my bacon, in dudgeon; for I saw her, with my own discomfited eyes, shake her fist at me once, when those culinary operations were going on, and no one else was looking.
He opened it with much impressment, assumed, of course, and showed a great bundle of white flowers.
Maritime issues--including impressment of American sailors and the seizure of American ships--along with Indian depredations, land expansion, national honor, and liberal anxiety have all served as explanations for the origin of the war.
Fields explained: "This teaching was delivered within the context of first-century Palestine under Roman occupation in which impressment was common; i.
The groom's brush with impressment confirms Wheeler's point: at the hands of men, women are prey; at the hands of the powerful, everyone is at risk.
40) Taylor uses these episodes to allude to an irony of history: during a war started because of their impressment of Americans, the British Empire and Crown--not the newly formed democracy of the United States--found themselves on the right side of liberty and equality for all men.
See Rey Koslowski, Challenges of International Cooperation in a World of Increasing Dual Nationality, in RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF DUAL NATIONALS, supra note 28, at 157-60 (describing how international tensions arising from dual citizenship, including the War of 1812, which was triggered by Great Britain's impressment of British-born American citizens into its navy, led to a proliferation of bilateral treaties and the development of international norms disfavoring dual nationality); Peter J.
1,10 (2008); see also Pauline Maier, From Resistance to Revolution 16-20 (1991) (noting, inter alia, use of posse comitatus to prevent impressment of Americans into the British navy).
Written by award winning children's author Donna McDine, "Powder Monkey" is a thumbnail sketch of the impressment experience of 12-year-old Tommy Kitt who was taken by force with his older brother from his parents' farm by a Royal Navy press gang to serve as a powder monkey and ship boy in a battleship at sea.
As the Channel Fleet prepared to put to sea in the spring of 1779, it was hampered by a shortage of seamen, a shortage largely caused by the impressment of men carrying infectious diseases.
Yet these modern advancements contrasted with the recruiting needs of the NVA which required harsh impressment tactics to build the necessary manpower to launch the North Vietnamese invasion.
I had come to London primarily to correlate Admiralty records concerning impressment of American seamen with events that my research had turned up in American sources.