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Unlikely to take place or be true.

im·prob′a·ble·ness n.
im·prob′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.improbably - not easy to believeimprobably - not easy to believe; "behind you the coastal hills plunge to the incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains"
بِصورَة غَير مُحْتَمَلَه
kizár: ki van zárva
ólíklega; ósennilega
imkânsız bir şekilde


[ɪmˈprɒbəblɪ] ADV
1. (= surprisingly) → sorprendentemente
this area is, improbably, one of the best in townen contra de lo que cabría esperar, este barrio es uno de los mejores de la ciudad
2. (= implausibly) → increíblemente
an improbably blue skyun cielo increíblemente azul


advunwahrscheinlich; he works, improbably, for the World Banker arbeitet, kaum zu glauben, für die Weltbank


(imˈprobəbl) adjective
1. not likely to happen or exist; not probable. Although death at his age was improbable, he had already made his will.
2. hard to believe. an improbable explanation.
imˈprobably adverb
imˌprobaˈbility noun
References in classic literature ?
Not improbably he was the best workman of his time; or, perhaps, the Colonel thought it expedient, or was impelled by some better feeling, thus openly to cast aside all animosity against the race of his fallen antagonist.
Not improbably, it was to this latter class of ms that Mr.
The tradition generally received derives them from Cham, the son of Noah, and they pretend, however improbably, that from his time till now the legal succession of their kings hath never been interrupted, and that the supreme power hath always continued in the same family.
A REVIEW of the principal objections that have appeared against the proposed court for the trial of impeachments, will not improbably eradicate the remains of any unfavorable impressions which may still exist in regard to this matter.
No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity.
Or, not improbably, it might once have been the pleasure-place of an opulent family; for there was the ruin of a marble fountain in the centre, sculptured with rare art, but so wofully shattered that it was impossible to trace the original design from the chaos of remaining fragments.
Is there not one alternative," I suggested, "grotesquely improbably, no doubt, but still just conceivable?
Miss Twinkleton then proceeded to remark that Rumour, Ladies, had been represented by the bard of Avon--needless were it to mention the immortal SHAKESPEARE, also called the Swan of his native river, not improbably with some reference to the ancient superstition that that bird of graceful plumage (Miss Jennings will please stand upright) sang sweetly on the approach of death, for which we have no ornithological authority,--Rumour, Ladies, had been represented by that bard--hem
In the dining-room, a sentimental desire came over Flora to look into the dragon closet which had so often swallowed Arthur in the days of his boyhood--not improbably because, as a very dark closet, it was a likely place to be heavy in.
As for the icon herself, Gretchen Mol looks improbably accurate (the lithe, fair-featured actress and Page don't really resemble one another at all), exhibits no fear (while showing everything else) and creates an utterly beguiling personality (to the extent that it's been written for her, anyway).
Since then, five Uranian moons have been discovered (the first two by Herschel himself), as has a bizarre set of dark, improbably skinny rings.
This fun but flimsy film improbably beat The Act Of Killing to win the best documentary Oscar earlier this month.