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v. im·pro·vised, im·pro·vis·ing, im·pro·vis·es
1. To make, compose, or perform with little or no preparation: improvise a solution to the problem; improvise variations on a melody.
2. To make or provide from available materials: improvised a dinner from what I found in the refrigerator.
1. To make, compose, or perform something extemporaneously.
2. To make do with whatever materials are at hand: There isn't much in the cabin. We'll just have to improvise.

[French improviser, from Italian improvvisare, from improvviso, unforeseen, from Latin imprōvīsus : in-, not; see in-1 + prōvīsus, past participle of prōvidēre, to foresee; see provide.]

im′pro·vis′er, im′pro·vi′sor n.


a variant spelling of improviser
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A stand-up comedian, actor, improvisor and presenter for the last six years, he has toured across Britain, as well as Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Norway.
Kit Downes Quintet @ Brecon Cathedral, 9pm The Mercury Award-nominated young composer and improvisor is performing as part of a quintet.
SEVE BALLESTEROS was golf's most brilliant improvisor - here are six of his greatest shots .
There is considerable further material about Marone, much of it revealing of his talents as a musician improvisor, assembled in Specimen variae literaturae quae in urbe Brixia ejusque ditione Paulo post typographiae incunabula Florebat Scilicet vergente ad tinem Saeculo XV.
a blues composer (or improvisor, like Tweet) edits fragments of sound and imagery into a kind of montage .
Lastly, we all recognize the Improvisor, whose spontaneity fails in the clutch, and there are the ensuing regrets for not taking more time to prepare.
Robert Houssart, organist at Gloucester Cathedral, is renowned as an improvisor and has invited music-lovers attending the 7.
A 'her' who was an actress and an improvisor and a kind of adventurer who stumbled into something more profound, more terrifying, more personal and more political than anything else she ever wanted to know" (13).