in advance

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v. ad·vanced, ad·vanc·ing, ad·vanc·es
1. To cause to move forward: advance a chess piece.
2. To put forward; propose or suggest: advanced a novel theory during the seminar.
3. To aid the growth or progress of: advanced the cause of freedom.
4. To raise in rank; promote.
5. To cause to occur sooner: advance a deadline by one week.
6. To raise in amount or rate; increase.
7. To pay (money or interest) before due.
8. To supply or lend, especially on credit.
9. To serve as an advance person for (a trip to be made by a politician or a dignitary): "advanced the China trip during which the first trade agreements ... were signed" (Suzanne Perney).
10. Archaic To lift.
a. To go or move forward or onward.
b. To move against another, as when attacking: advance on the enemy's position.
2. To make progress; improve.
3. To rise in rank, position, or value.
4. To serve as an advance person for a trip to be made by a politician or a dignitary.
1. The act or process of moving or going forward.
2. A forward move, as toward an objective; a progressive step: an advance in genetic engineering.
3. An increase of price or value.
4. advances Opening approaches made to secure acquaintance, favor, or an agreement; overtures.
a. The furnishing of funds or goods on credit.
b. The funds or goods so furnished; a loan.
a. Payment of money before due: an advance on next month's salary.
b. The money so paid.
7. Preparation, especially publicity, done prior to the appearance of a public figure or the staging of a public event.
1. Made or given ahead of time: an advance payment.
2. Going before, in front, or forward.
in advance
Ahead of time; beforehand.
in advance of
In front of; ahead of.

[Middle English avauncen, from Old French avauncer, from Vulgar Latin *abantiāre, from Latin abante, from before : ab-, ab- + ante, before; see ant- in Indo-European roots.]

ad·vanc′er n.
Synonyms: advance, forward, foster, further, promote
These verbs mean to cause to move ahead or progress, as toward a goal: advance a worthy cause; forwarding their own interests; fostered friendly relations; furthering your career; efforts to promote sales.
Usage Note: When used as a noun, advance indicates forward movement (the advance of the army) or progress or improvement (an advance in molecular biology). Advancement is usually used figuratively to indicate promotion or movement beyond an established norm: career advancement. Unlike advance, advancement often implies the existence of an agent or outside force. Thus the advance of science means simply "the progress of science," whereas the advancement of science implies progress resulting from the action of an agent or force: The purpose of the legislation was the advancement of science.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: advance - situated ahead or going beforein advance - situated ahead or going before; "an advance party"; "at that time the most advanced outpost was still east of the Rockies"
front - relating to or located in the front; "the front lines"; "the front porch" advance - ahead of timein advance - ahead of time; in anticipation; "when you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount"; "We like to plan ahead"; "should have made reservations beforehand"
سَلَفَاًفِي الطَّلِيعَه
předemv předsunuté pozici
im Vorausvorausvorschüssig
con anticipaciónpor adelantadopor anticipado
á undanfyrirfram
v predsunutej pozícii


(ədˈvaːns) verb
1. to move forward. The army advanced towards the town; Our plans are advancing well; He married the boss's daughter to advance (= improve) his chances of promotion.
2. to supply (someone) with (money) on credit. The bank will advance you $500.
1. moving forward or progressing. We've halted the enemy's advance; Great advances in medicine have been made in this century.
2. a payment made before the normal time. Can I have an advance on my salary?
3. (usually in plural) an attempt at (especially sexual) seduction.
1. made etc before the necessary or agreed time. an advance payment.
2. made beforehand. an advance booking.
3. sent ahead of the main group or force. the advance guard.
advanced adjective
having made a lot of progress; at a high level. an advanced computer course; in the advanced stages of the illness.
in advance
1. before(hand). Can you pay me in advance?
2. in front. I've been sent on in advance (of the main force).
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There is no provision for payment in advance when it is not mandatory for the contracting authority.
The INS could insist that all testing times and sites be publicly announced several weeks in advance.
Members in advance: $50, Non-Members in advance and for anyone paying at the door: $65.