in aeternum

in ae·ter·num

To eternity; forever.

[Latin : in, in, for + aeternum, all the time to come, from neuter accusative of aeternus, eternal.]

in aeternum

(ɪn iːˈtɜːnəm)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) forever; eternally

in ae•ter•num

(ɪn aɪˈtɛr nʊm; Eng. ɪn iˈtɜr nəm)

adv. Latin.
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The angsty, Sorrows of Young Werther mood of neo-expressionism--the agonal existentialism, the ersatz-Greco titles that would have embarrassed Hans Hofmann in his deepest Memoria in Aeternum mode, the breezy way that the critic can remark that "the new painting refers to a realm beyond language, to a seeing saturated by history and desiring both the provocation and the destruction of history"--always felt stage-managed, more prop than conviction.