in consequence

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 (kŏn′sĭ-kwĕns′, -kwəns)
a. Something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition. See Synonyms at effect.
b. A punishment or negative repercussion: "Sometimes a cousin's first child was born six months after the wedding; aside from a moment's tsk-tsk, there were no consequences" (Donald Hall).
2. A logical conclusion or inference.
3. Importance in rank or position: scientists of consequence.
4. Significance; importance: an issue of consequence. See Synonyms at importance.
in consequence
As a result; consequently.
References in classic literature ?
Yes, I have,' replied Nicholas, 'by that man Squeers, and I have beaten him soundly, and am leaving this place in consequence.
Having carried my point (which I did the more easily, in consequence of the facilities offered by private Asylums), I could not refuse to admit that there were certain advantages gained by shutting her up.
I will tell you: in consequence of their limitation they take immediate and secondary causes for primary ones, and in that way persuade themselves more quickly and easily than other people do that they have found an infallible foundation for their activity, and their minds are at ease and you know that is the chief thing.