in his own right

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: his own right - by reason of one's own ability or ownership etc.; "she's a rich woman in her own right rather than by inheritance"; "an excellent novel in its own right"
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Astley is known to all men as the nephew of a real English lord, the Lord Piebroch, as well as a lord in his own right.
In addition, he is wealthy in his own right, but the fact that he is going to be an English Lord makes me very sad--you know what my sentiments have always been relative to American girls who married titled foreigners.
Frederick Fairlie's death: First, the use of three thousand a year (by his wife's permission, while she lived, and in his own right, on her death, if he survived her); and, secondly, the inheritance of Limmeridge for his son, if he had one.