in line

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: line - being next in a line of succession; "he was in line for the presidency"
succeeding - coming after or following line - awaiting something; especially something due; "people were in line at the checkout counter"; "she was in line for promotion"
eligible - qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen; "eligible to run for office"; "eligible for retirement benefits"; "an eligible bachelor" line - one behind another in a line or queue; "they waited in line for the tickets"
References in classic literature ?
In line 164 we do indeed find Echeneus proposing that a drink-offering should be made to Jove, but Mercury is evidently, according to our authoress, the god who was most likely to be of use to them.
All faces turned in the direction of the familiar voice; the two men between whom in the order of stature Greene had commonly stood in line turned and squarely confronted each other.
Put these men and girls in line, march them ten abreast, and six hours would pass before the last company would arrive at the reviewing stand.