in memoriam

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in me·mo·ri·am

 (ĭn′ mə-môr′ē-əm)
In memory of; as a memorial to. Used especially in epitaphs.

[From Latin in memoriam, to the memory (of) : in, in, into + memoriam, accusative of memoria, memory.]

in memoriam

(ɪn mɪˈmɔːrɪəm)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) in memory of; as a memorial to: used in obituaries, epitaphs, etc

in me•mo•ri•am

(ɪn məˈmɔr i əm, -ˈmoʊr-)
in memory (of); to the memory (of); as a memorial (to).
[1840–50; < Latin]

in memoriam

A Latin phrase meaning in memory of, often used on gravestones.
References in classic literature ?
The first notes of In Memoriam were written when sorrow was fresh, but it was not till seventeen years later that it was given to the world.
His long poems besides In Memoriam are The Princess, Maud, and the Idylls of the King.
One user wrote, "Nice that two giants of Bollywood, Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor, were shown in the annual IN MEMORIAM segments of #oscars".
THREE years since the release of their second extended play (EP) Pieces of Recovery, dark, melodic punk darlings The Skeleton Years has released a new EP entitled In Memoriam, which consists of five songs recorded and produced independently with the help of independent labels Still Ill, Loud Carrot Recordings and Counterflow.
In Memoriam Mix Up: Many people likely didn't notice, but putting a living person in the In Memoriam segment is a pretty bad mistake.
The composition, entitled In Memoriam, will be the centrepiece of a concert hosted by the High Sheriff of Dyfed, Professor Medwin Hughes DL in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
Three years after the death of poet, writer and artist Niki Marangou the AG Leventis Gallery in Nicosia will pay tribute to her life and art during the exhibition Niki Marangou, 1948-2013: In Memoriam as of Thursday.
It is likely that "mom" was spoken widely among working-class Brummies for a long time but the earliest written reference I have found is from the In Memoriam column in the Birmingham Mail from Tuesday, April 28, 1914.
Susan was at the ceremony to present an In Memoriam tribute to stars including the late David Bowie and Alan Rickman.
El Profesor de la Universidad de Malaga Ignacio Falgueras Salinas ha publicado, aparte de los trabajos indicados mas arriba, estos otros: "El principio de causalidad en Leonardo Polo", en Miscelanea Poliana, 40 (2013), 14-38; In Memoriam (t Leonardo Polo), en Miscelanea Poliana, 41 (2013), 1; "Leonardo Polo, investigador de la verdad", en Leonardo Polo (1926-2013).
Winter's purview--Australian newspaper In Memoriam notices--for
Although plagiarism and especially her rewriting of Arthur Rimbaud and William Faulkner in In Memoriam to Identity (1990) are the focus of this study, over her career Acker adopted several creative techniques and implemented more than one at the same time.