in memoriam

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in me·mo·ri·am

 (ĭn′ mə-môr′ē-əm)
In memory of; as a memorial to. Used especially in epitaphs.

[From Latin in memoriam, to the memory (of) : in, in, into + memoriam, accusative of memoria, memory.]

in memoriam

(ɪn mɪˈmɔːrɪəm)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) in memory of; as a memorial to: used in obituaries, epitaphs, etc

in me•mo•ri•am

(ɪn məˈmɔr i əm, -ˈmoʊr-)
in memory (of); to the memory (of); as a memorial (to).
[1840–50; < Latin]

in memoriam

A Latin phrase meaning in memory of, often used on gravestones.
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The first notes of In Memoriam were written when sorrow was fresh, but it was not till seventeen years later that it was given to the world.
His long poems besides In Memoriam are The Princess, Maud, and the Idylls of the King.