in the doghouse

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 (dôg′hous′, dŏg′-)
A small shelter for a dog.
in the doghouse Slang
In great disfavor or trouble.

in the doghouse

In disgrace or disfavor; from a type of sleeping shelter on an old sailing ship that was notoriously uncomfortable.
في موقِف مَعيب، في وَرْطَه
v nemilosti
i hundehuset
igen megalázó helyzetben
í ónáî
v nemilosti
gözden düşmüşitibarını kaybetmiş


(dog) noun
a domestic, meat-eating animal related to the wolf and fox.
(usually of members of the dog family) male. a dog-fox.
verbpast tense, past participle dogged
to follow closely as a dog does. She dogged his footsteps.
dogged (ˈdogid) adjective
keeping on at what one is doing in a determined and persistent manner. his dogged perseverance.
ˈdoggedly (-gid-) adverb
He went doggedly on with his work despite the interruptions.
ˈdoggedness (-gid-) noun
ˈdog-biscuit noun
a small hard biscuit fed to dogs.
ˈdog collar
1. a stiff round collar worn by a clergyman.
2. a collar around a dog's neck.
ˈdog-eared adjective
(of a book) having the pages turned down at the corner. dog-eared volumes; Several pages were dog-eared.
ˌdog-ˈtired adjective
very tired. I'm dog-tired this morning after sitting up all night in the train.
a dog's life
a wretched existence. He leads a dog's life.
go to the dogs
to be ruined, especially to ruin oneself.
in the doghouse
in disgrace. He forgot his wife's birthday, so he's in the doghouse.
not a dog's chance
no chance at all. He hasn't a dog's chance of getting a ticket.
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Two old British-influenced English-language publications recently put South Korea, figuratively, in the doghouse to explain how it surrendered to Chinese pressure over its deployment of the anti-missile U.
POSING pertly, Gracie is more than happy to be in the doghouse.
GORDON Ramsay is in the doghouse with wife Tana after boasting how he fancied romping with a US telly beauty.
Men wondering why they are in the doghouse can identify their mistakes with a touch of a button.
The app can be programmed to send a personal tweet that lets victims know when they're in the DogHouse, why they're being put there and when they will be released.
IT HAPPENS TO US ALL You start to get things mixed up And you cannot walk as far Yesterday I left home on the bus And I came home in a car People's name I often forget Sometimes even my own Right now in the doghouse I called my wife Mary "her name is Joan" Birthdays I cannot remember Back in the doghouse once again My wife did not fall for that old one "But Dearest" you always look the same Where did I leave my glasses?
STURBRIDGE - An engineer who was indirectly put in the doghouse over the noise coming from the town's wastewater treatment plant has offered a solution in the form of "doghouses.