in the same boat

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a. A relatively small, usually open craft of a size that might be carried aboard a ship.
b. An inland vessel of any size.
c. A ship or submarine.
2. A dish shaped like a boat: a sauce boat.
v. boat·ed, boat·ing, boats
1. To travel by boat.
2. To ride a boat for pleasure.
1. To transport by boat.
2. To place in a boat.
in the same boat
In the same situation as another or others.

[Middle English bot, from Old English bāt; see bheid- in Indo-European roots.]
na jedné lodi
i samme båd
ugyanabban a cipõben
á sama báti, í sömu aîstöîu
na jednej lodi
aynı tatsız/kötü durumda


(bəut) noun
1. a small vessel for travelling over water. We'll cross the stream by boat.
2. a larger vessel for the same purpose; a ship. to cross the Atlantic in a passenger boat.
3. a serving-dish shaped like a boat. a gravy-boat.
to sail about in a small boat for pleasure. They are boating on the river.
ˈboatman noun
a man in charge of a small boat in which fare-paying passengers are carried.
in the same boat
in the same, usually difficult, position or circumstances. We're all in the same boat as far as low wages are concerned.
ˈspeedboat noun
a fast motor boat.