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Because of the rich values and high popularity of Celosia argentea, the in vitro technique was applied in order to achieve an efficient mass propagation and flower formation of this species.
demonstrated that ghrelin inhibits cytochrome c release via protecting mitochondrial membrane depolarization and decreasing the Bax/Bcl-2 ratio during lipopolysaccharide-stimulated alveolar macrophages in vitro [20].
These amounts for a full working lifetime lie within the range of the highest in vitro assay concentrations tested in the literature for Ag [silver nanoparricles] and [TiO.
De acordo com Preece e Compton (1991), a elevada umidade relativa e a baixa irradiancia no ambiente in vitro sao os principais fatores que atuam na inducao de alteracoes e funcionalidade de orgaos e tecidos, levando-os a incapacidade de controlar as perdas de agua quando submetidos a condicoes adversas, como a aclimatizacao.
In contrast to vancomycin, ceftobiprole has in vitro microbiological activity against a broad spectrum of Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens.
However, amount of virus collected in vitro may not accurately reflect mosquito transmission.
It is far more effective than the current professional approach to a woman's concerns, which often offers inadequate diagnosis of the underlying causes of her condition, or suppresses or destroys the natural process of procreation (through contraception, sterilization, abortion, in vitro fertilization).
The more complex in vitro fertilization procedure involves fertilization in the laboratory of the birth mother's own eggs or those of a donor.
This includes the right of infertile people to use sophisticated medical technologies like in vitro fertilization.
To test the hypothesis that in vitro culture of mammalian preimplantation embryos alters the architecture of their zona, female B6C3F1 mice were superovulated, mated, and sacrificed at various times to obtain 6- to 8-cell, compacted morula (c.
In January 1992, Iodice formed In Vitro Video, a one-woman production venture in which she serves as producer, director, editor and cameraperson.