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Not accessible; remote or unapproachable.

in′ac·ces′si·bil′i·ty n.
in′ac·ces′si·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inaccessibly - in an inaccessible manner; "located inaccessibly on the top of a mountain"
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de Grosjoyaux was of quite another complexion, and appeared to regard his friend's theological unction as the sign of an inaccessibly superior mind.
Imagine that each purchaser kept her receipt, but somewhere inconvenient, and that REI had records of each purchase, but only inaccessibly located in a faraway storage facility.
25) In other words, to perceive a wholly alien color requires an inaccessibly alien eye.
Instead of outlawing these conversations, when a patient is at risk of suicide and there is access to a firearm in the home, healthcare professionals should discuss with the patient and their family voluntary strategies to temporarily store household firearms away from the home or otherwise inaccessibly until the patient recovers.
Blaast has built its cloud-based app platform especially for emerging markets, where networks are extremely busy and data is inaccessibly expensive for end-users.
From the Sahel region stricken by the third drought in recent years, to unrest in the Middle East, to communities whose imported staple foods have become inaccessibly expensive, WFP delivers life-saving food assistance where it is needed most," he added.