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tr.v. in·ac·ti·vat·ed, in·ac·ti·vat·ing, in·ac·ti·vates
To render inactive.

in·ac′ti·va′tion n.


adj inactivado
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3 inactivated hepatitis A vaccine adsorbed (teenagers and adults of 0.
Sanofi Pasteur works with global partners to make available unparalleled quantities of affordable Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) -
Now the GPEI, GAVI and WHO are facilitating a switch from trivalent (Sabin) oral poliovirus vaccine (tOPV) to a bivalent form (bOPV) and beyond that, the introduction of inactivated polio vaccines (IPVs) into global national immunization programs (NIPs).
We included both inactivated and recombinant fowlpox virus expressing H5 (rFPV-H5) vaccine studies that used specific-pathogen-free chickens where outcomes against the H5N1 or H5N2 AI viruses were measured.
Companies A and B inactivated 21 August 1959 at Seattle, Washington; disbanded 22 August 1959.
To eradicate AI, the vaccination system must allow the detection of field exposure in a vaccinated flock, which can be achieved by using conventional inactivated vaccines and recombinant vector vaccines.
But black-market vaccines can contain viruses that have not been properly inactivated, and may spur the evolution of even more dangerous strains.
Stedman of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia found that only people possess an inactivated version of a gene involved in facial-muscle movements.
Broncasma Berna, an inactivated bacterial vaccine, has been safely used throughout the world for 30 years for the prevention or treatment of various infectious processes.
Cells which continue to maintain the phenotype following gene inactivation have not had the gene of interest inactivated whereas cells in which genes necessary for maintaining the phenotype have been inactivated have been lost.
They can be inactivated by pressures from 300 MPa to 600 MPa.
The new recommendations would substitute injections of the inactivated or dead form of the virus for the first two doses.