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 (ĭn-āl′yə-nə-bəl, -ā′lē-ə-)
That cannot be transferred to another or others: inalienable rights.

in·al′ien·a·bil′i·ty n.
in·al′ien·a·bly adv.
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A broader interpretation of what makes up the NDS elements of national character, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inalienability can be found in analyzing the five elements and domains of the NSS (see ICA2-C2).
that inalienability rules properly account for the difficulty of valuing
What if Aboriginal peoples are not limited by inalienability of title?
1089, 1089 (1972) (proposing an integrated approach to "entitlements which are protected by property, liability, or inalienability rules" (internal quotation marks omitted)).
A Libertarian Theory of Contract: Title Transfer, Binding Promises, and Inalienability," Journal of Libertarian Studies 17, no.
Stulberg then argues that mediators can "build conditions and constraints into the conception of the mediation procedure that minimize" injustice, by ensuring the process is voluntary, the inalienability of interests, the publicity of outcomes, dignity and respect, informed decision making, and toleration of conflicting fundamental values.
A Theory of Debt Based on the Inalienability of Human Capital.
Privacy claims traditionally have been based on quite absolutist claims of personhood, autonomy, property, control, (202) freedom from surveillance, protection from discrimination, or "hybrid inalienability.
At times these doctrines limited the power of the kings, for example, perhaps as early as the twelfth century, through the notions of inalienability crown rights and through coronation oaths.
A examines certain key features of sovereignty, in particular indivisibility and inalienability, in an attempt to get closer to the kernel of sovereignty itself.
Harris (1995) outlines the conditions by which Whiteness can be constructed as property identifying that inalienability, or absoluteness, exists relative to Whiteness.
By signing the eight core international and regional conventions, the government of the young nation has shown its commitment to the inalienability and universality of human rights, Hon Jok said.