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 (ĭn-āl′yə-nə-bəl, -ā′lē-ə-)
That cannot be transferred to another or others: inalienable rights.

in·al′ien·a·bil′i·ty n.
in·al′ien·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inalienably - in an inalienable manner; "this property is held inalienably"
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And, besides," he continued, with a fastidious sensibility, inalienably characteristic of the man," it would not be fit nor beautiful to go
In Hausa society, any income that wives earn on their own is inalienably theirs' (Callaway 1984: 440), and women in Niamey need money more than ever to survive in the capitalist economy, to participate in the naming ceremonies and weddings of relatives and friends, and to integrate themselves in women's exchange networks (foyandi).
With him, it seems, the impersonal (or social) is inalienably linked to the personal.
Writing his own 10-page views in the 273-page judgement, Justice Mishra said that "like a film director, the trial Judge has tried to thrust coherence among facts inalienably scattered here and there but (has) not giving any coherence to the idea as to what in fact happened".
The proposed code needs to assert 'that mineral lands are inalienably and owned by the state and not by the indigenous peoples nor by local governments,' Calanog said.
Suddenly, France and Russia were inalienably aligned in the fight against terrorism.
To implement effectively the fundamental principal that the domination or sovereignty over and the dominion or ownership in the whole territory of the continent rest exclusively and inalienably in the indigenous people.
But he will also not lose sight of the fact that, within the culture, each writer is inalienably an individual, with his own psychology and his own reaction to experience.
In Poland Kulturkampf is inalienably tied to the image of the village of Wrzesnia and its Catholic children being beaten for praying in Polish, as well as with the unjustness of peasant expropriations (The Outpost and "Bartek the Victor").
Dear World, are Palestinians really not human enough to be able to live, survive and thrive the way all human beings are inalienably entitled to?
01 [hereinafter NIMMER ON COPYRIGHT] (the Berne Convention "merely provides that the author's previous assignment of economic rights does not derogate from subsequent assertion of the attribution and integrity rights; but following transfer of moral rights, nothing in the Berne Convention requires that those rights must nonetheless rest inalienably with their authors.
On immigration, millions of inalienably free human beings simply want to live a better life in America, but our laws don't allow it.