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Impossible to alter; unchangeable: the inalterable routine of a physician.

in·al′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.
in·al′ter·a·bly adv.


not alterable; unalterable
inˌalteraˈbility, inˈalterableness n
inˈalterably adv


(ʌnˈɔl tər ə bəl)

also inalterable

not capable of being altered, changed, or modified.
un•al′ter•a•ble•ness, un•al`ter•a•bil′i•ty, n.
un•al′ter•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.inalterable - not capable of being changed or alteredinalterable - not capable of being changed or altered; "unalterable resolve"; "an unalterable ground rule"


Incapable of changing or being modified:


adjunveränderlich, unabänderlich; it is inalterablees lässt sich nicht ändern
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Repertorie dans l'inventaire des biens culturels fonciers de la wilaya en 2008, ce monument demeure encore debout sur un site pittoresque surplombant la mer, d'ou il nargue les vicissitudes du temps avec la beaute inalterable de son architecture.
To presuppose an inalterable present invites the past to repeat itself.
They are highly effective in providing an inalterable audio and visual record of encounters that can capture empirical evidence in the event of a crime, police-citizen interaction, or use-of-force incident.
Almost three years of collaboration and research have gone into achieving this impressive result: a completely new type of gold, an almost inalterable precious metal which retains its own characteristics.
scarcity," not due to some inalterable condition of nature.
The goal of CDA is to disrupt the dominant narrative, so it "has focused on hegemonic discourse: official accounts which attempt to naturalize the current state of affairs, to make current power relations appear to be inalterable facts of nature" (Linde, 2001, p.
En contraste, no obstante, con esta conmocion generalizada que causa el fallecimiento de Maria Lionca en Galafura, el doctor Gil permanece inalterable.
5) Que cette conference est d'opinion qu'on peut trouver la base d'un reglement final et inalterable des montants payables annuellement par la Puissance aux differentes provinces pour leurs fins locales et le maintien de leurs gouvernements et de leurs legislatures, dans la proposition qui suit, savoir :
The issue of children being hot housed into academic excellence, as the sole device they require to excel in life, flies in the face of the inalterable truth that life is not just about knowing but also about living.
Il etait arme de ses seuls principes et d'une inalterable volonte.
Although both sides are inalterable and intrinsically determined, Socrates realizes that they depend upon something else for their correspondence.
Toutes [beaucoup moins que] ses [beaucoup plus grand que] femmes ou plutot toutes les femmes qu'il aime d'amitie-aimance et qu'il a reunies autour du livre (son livre, different a chaque fois, comme symbole d'une amitie inalterable entre elles & lui que n'entamera pas le temps qui passe mais bien au contraire, le temps fonctionnant comme ami pour les coeurs epris de sentiments tendres et sinceres ainsi que partages comme c'est, sans nul doute, le cas ici