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Impossible to alter; unchangeable: the inalterable routine of a physician.

in·al′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.
in·al′ter·a·bly adv.


not alterable; unalterable
inˌalteraˈbility, inˈalterableness n
inˈalterably adv


(ʌnˈɔl tər ə bəl)

also inalterable

not capable of being altered, changed, or modified.
un•al′ter•a•ble•ness, un•al`ter•a•bil′i•ty, n.
un•al′ter•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.inalterable - not capable of being changed or alteredinalterable - not capable of being changed or altered; "unalterable resolve"; "an unalterable ground rule"


Incapable of changing or being modified:


adjunveränderlich, unabänderlich; it is inalterablees lässt sich nicht ändern
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The evidence for Pruitts inalterably closed mind on CPP rulemaking is overwhelming, the Senators write in their comment.
Similarly, a right can be vested without being inalterably vested.
In spite of some differences in application, a core belief system that inalterably divides the world into two oppositional camps remains.
Muslims rather than Jews have now been relegated to the position of being excessively and inalterably Other.
These relationships are familial in the first instance, and family relations are inalterably asymmetric or status-ordered.
Iran had not agreed to export its uranium stockpiles or inalterably convert them to prevent their reuse in a bomb program, destroy its unused centrifuges, ban advanced centrifuges (for "research") from the Qom facility, or allow full and permanent access of inspectors to all suspect (including "military") facilities.
Thus, some might assume that the factor ratios in a firm producing, say, chemical dyes are inalterably fixed by the chemical formula of the dyes.
Sirena's story reveals something about the hurricane narrative, as story and life quickly become inalterably intertwined.
Instead, as the diverse approaches nations have chosen shows, while Fukushima's impact has been global, it appears not to have inalterably reshaped the nuclear industry, much less nuclear energy policy.
So Judaism teaches us that the world is firmly and inalterably a good and G-dly world.
The stream of BBC broadcasting, after all--or so this devil's advocate argument would go--is an inalterably linear progression of sound that cannot be reversed and, at least through the period under discussion, can only rarely be retraversed.
After reading Wolfe, writes Conroy, "My course had been set inalterably and my prose was a flood plain for dizzying emanations from the snowy high slopes of a natural-born Wolfean.