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in·an·i·ty  (-nn-t)
n. pl. in·an·i·ties
1. The condition or quality of being inane.
2. Something empty of meaning or sense.

inanity (ɪˈnænɪtɪ)
n, pl -ties
1. lack of intelligence or imagination; senselessness; silliness
2. a senseless action, remark, etc
3. emptiness

in•an•i•ty (ɪˈnæn ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. lack of sense, significance, or ideas; silliness.
2. something inane.
3. shallowness; superficiality.

inanity, inanition - Inanity is intellectual or spiritual emptiness; inanition is the lack of nourishment.
See also related terms for nourishment.
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Noun1.inanity - total lack of meaning or ideasinanity - total lack of meaning or ideas      
meaninglessness - the quality of having no value or significance; "he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him"
inanity [ɪˈnænɪtɪ] N (= quality) → necedad f, fatuidad f inanities (= inane remarks) → estupideces fpl, sandeces fpl
inanity [ɪˈnænɪti] nineptie f
nDummheit f; (of suggestion also)Hirnverbranntheit f
inanity [ɪˈnænɪtɪ] nsciocchezza, stupidità f inv

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Down he sank in a chair--ran his hands through his hair-- And chanted in mimsiest tones Words whose utter inanity proved his insanity, While he rattled a couple of bones.
All this with a sustained, holding stare which, in conjunction with the general inanity of the discourse, conveyed the impression of mild, dreary lunacy.
The book is written throughout on the verge of realism, with divinations and conjectures across its border, and with lapses into the fool's paradise of romanticism, and an apparent content with its inanity and impossibility.
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