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 (ĭn-ăp′ĭ-təns) also in·ap·pe·ten·cy (-tən-sē)
Lack of appetite.

in·ap′pe·tent adj.


(ɪnˈæpɪtəns) or


rare lack of appetite or desire
inˈappetent adj


(ɪnˈæp ɪ təns)

lack of appetite.
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The company's pipeline includes therapeutic candidates targeting pain, inappetence, cancer, viral diseases, allergy and other serious medical conditions.
7,25-31) The low drug doses decrease the risk of toxicity and adverse effects (eg, vomiting, inappetence, and hematologic derangements) commonly associated with chemother apeutic protocols.
Knemidocoptidae are mange mites that cause alopecia, acanthosis, hyperkeratosis, pruritus, feather damage, inappetence, and sometimes death in birds (1,2).
The first was by Omer and Adam 1999, where they reported that the use of 1 or 5 g plant resin/kg/day caused grinding of teeth, salivation, soft feces, inappetence, jaundice, dyspnea, ataxia and recumbency in Nubian goat kids.
Monty's illness had started with just a vague malaise - a little lethargy here, some inappetence there.
Or il semble que les opinions publiques europeennes, crise oblige certes, mais aussi inappetence pour l'usage de la force, ne s'y resignent pas.
Inappetence or no interest in food can be linked with obstruction or metabolic disease, but is never a good sign and should not be ignored.
Inappetence and/or inanition may have caused reduced condition since food was not thought lacking and the growing season over the study period had increased by up to 39 days (Murray et al.
2011; Liu, 2012), but the decrease in ADFI during the first 10 d, presumably reflecting sensory inappetence, could account for the impaired growth performance, carrying over for the whole 22-d period, though overall ADFI did not affect.
Abstract: A 37-year-old female yellow-naped Amazon parrot (Amazona auropalliata) was presented with a history of lethargy, inappetence, and decreased vocalizations.