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Too small to be noticed or make a significant difference; negligible: inappreciable fluctuations in temperature.

in′ap·pre′cia·bly adv.


1. incapable of being appreciated
2. imperceptible; negligible
ˌinapˈpreciably adv


(ˌɪn əˈpri ʃi ə bəl, -ʃə bəl)

imperceptible; insignificant: an inappreciable difference.
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Adj.1.inappreciable - too small to make a significant difference; "inappreciable fluctuations in temperature"
unimportant, insignificant - devoid of importance, meaning, or force


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Consider, too, that all the pleasant little dim ideas and complacencies--of standing well with Timpson, of dispensing advice when he was asked for it, of impressing his friend Tulliver with additional respect, of saying something, and saying it emphatically, with other inappreciably minute ingredients that went along with the warm hearth and the brandy-and-water to make up Mr.
Averaged data indicate that the total content of fulvic acids inappreciably declined, while the total humic acids content increased compared with their status before trial establishment.
30) An irony of the case was the fact that the net price at which A&P ultimately bought its milk from Borden was inappreciably lower than the unit cost at which Jewel, the leading Chicago area food retailer, obtained milk from its own vertically integrated dairy.