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Unsuitable or improper.

in′ap·pro′pri·ate·ly adv.
in′ap·pro′pri·ate·ness n.




  1. (I) belonged … like a pearl onion on a banana split —Raymond Chandler
  2. Belonged … like a virgin in a brothel —William Mcllvanney
  3. Belong like a right shoe on a left foot —Elyse Sommer
  4. Belong like a white poodle on a coal barge —Arthur Baer
  5. Feeling like a Boston schoolteacher in Dodge City —Mary Gordon
  6. (I) feel [out of place] like Babe Paley at a bar mitzvah in the Bronx —Sue Mengers, talent agent, quoted by Rex Reed
  7. Felt like a gap —D. H. Lawrence
  8. Fits in about as well as a bird-of-paradise among wrens —Leslie Bennetts, about character in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, New York Times, 1985
  9. Had about as much business teaching in college as a duck has riding a bicycle —Richard Ford

    See Also: ABSURDITY

  10. Inappropriate as a Size 20 Cinderella —Mike Sommer
  11. Inappropriate as running shoes with a cocktail dress —Anon
  12. It’s like a thoroughbred horse pulling a milk wagon —line from movie, The Eagle Has Landed
  13. Looked like a greyhound puppy in a litter of collies —Michael Gilbert
  14. A man without a place to be … that’s like being alone at sea without a log to hang on —William H. Gass
  15. Misplaced … like a dog in church —Anon
  16. Misplaced … like a fish out of water —English phrase

    Borrowed by the English from the Greek, the simile has been much used and adapted since the fourteenth century.

  17. Never fit right, like a pair of cheap shoes that sprouts a nail in the sole —Marge Piercy
  18. (Looked as) out of place as a chicken in church —James Crumley
  19. Out of place as matzo balls in clam chowder —Elyse Sommer
  20. Out of place as a house boat on the high seas —Anon
  21. Out of place as an atheist in a seminary —Anon
  22. Out of place as a Presbyterian in Hell —Mark Twain
  23. Out of place as some rare tropical bird —Anon
  24. Out of place … like an old whale stranded on the beach —George Garrett
  25. (Harriet always seemed a little) out of things, like somebody’s mother —Mary McCarthy
  26. She was like something wrecked and cast up on the wrong shore —Elizabeth Bowen
  27. Sticking out like a solitary violet in a bed of primroses —Tess Slesinger



carry coals to Newcastle To bring something to a place where it is naturally abundant; hence, to do something wholly superfluous or unnecessary. Newcastle lies in the heart of England’s great coal-mining region. The equivalent French expression is porterde Veau à la rivière ‘carry water to the river.’

caviar to the general Something too sophisticated or subtle to be appreciated by hoi-polloi; beyond the taste of the general public. This expression derives from Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

The play, I remember, pleased not the million; ‘twas caviar to the general. (II, ii)

In this line, “general” refers to the general public, the common people. Caviar, of course, is the very expensive gustatory delicacy prepared from sturgeon roe. It is a food appreciated only by those who have acquired a taste for it.

send owls to Athens To do something completely useless, unnecessary, or extraneous; to carry coals to Newcastle; also to carry owls to Athens.

I may be thought to pour water into the sea, to carry owls to Athens, and to trouble the reader with a matter altogether needless and superfluous. (Henry Swinburne, A Brief Treatise of Testaments and Last Wills, 1590)

The owl, as emblem of the Greek goddess Athena, patron of Athens, was naturally plentiful in that area.

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Noun1.inappropriateness - inappropriate conduct
improperness, impropriety - an improper demeanor
appropriateness, rightness - appropriate conduct; doing the right thing
2.inappropriateness - the quality of being not particularly suitable or befitting; "he retracted nothing that he had said about the inappropriateness of either a corporeal God or a God who is a person"; "his praise released from her loud protestations of her unworthiness"
unsuitability, unsuitableness, ineptness - the quality of having the wrong properties for a specific purpose
inappositeness, inaptness - inappropriateness; "greater inaptness of expression would be hard to imagine"
infelicity - inappropriate and unpleasing manner or style (especially manner or style of expression)
appropriateness - the quality of being specially suitable


عَدم مُلائَمَه
alkalomnak nem megfelelõ volta
óviîeigandi framkoma


[ˌɪnəˈprəʊprɪɪtnɪs] N [of behaviour] → lo impropio; [of remark] → lo inoportuno; [of dress] → lo poco adecuado or apropiado


nUnpassende(s) nt, → Unangebrachtheit f; (of action also)Unangemessenheit f; (of time)Ungünstigkeit f


(inəˈproupriət) adjective
(sometimes with to or for) not appropriate or suitable. inappropriate clothes (for a wedding); His speech was inappropriate to the occasion.
ˌinapˈpropriateness noun
References in classic literature ?
He seemed to have no suspicion of any impertinence or inappropriateness in the fact of such questions being put to him.
And speaking of inappropriateness, Ken goes on a date.
The increased frequency and inappropriateness of the urination may be a sign of bladder irritation or infection.
A citizen, Mona Al-Bori, opposed the idea of girls' enrollment in self-defense courses, saying that society would not accept such ideas due to taekwondo's inappropriateness for girls.
However, The FA has spoken to both Iain Moody and Malky Mackay about the inappropriateness of terms used in the messages.
But despite the short duration of her protest, she did get a reaction, with some praising it as a brave act and others highlighting the inappropriateness of her social display.
In-person presentations to American Medical Association (AMA) leadership about the inappropriateness of physicians requiring patients to reveal gun ownership and about the societal benefits of responsible gun ownership
At the hearing, we articulated various concerns: Smokers being on a very narrow pavement; potential customers' cars being parked while delivery vehicles would block residents in and emergency services out of Stoneycroft Close; and the inappropriateness of the location near a significant alcohol rehabilitation centre and children's home.
Judge Raymond Williamson added: "The inappropriateness of a planning official accepting gifts from property developers ought to be self-evident.
We went with "Springtime For Hitler (Part One)" from Mel Brooks' film and Broadway hit, "The Producers," a sort of standard-bearer for inappropriateness.
Masturbation in Pop Culture: Screen, Society, Self" investigates the embarrassment and squeamishness, sexiness and inappropriateness of masturbation, showcasing and analyzing how our complex off screen relationship is mirrored in film and television.
Which would you recommend, and what do you think about the inappropriateness of his warning?